Boost Your Stamina With Himayalas Shilajit From Green Gate London This Anti-aging Shilajit Purest Form Powder, Stamina, Detox, Highest Quality Mineral. Shilajit Contains Ionic Minerals that are Easily Absorbed in the Body to Maintain Healthy Cells. This Energy Booster Increases Endurance, Cellular Metabolism, High Immunity, Reduce Anxiety and Supports Fertility.

Potent Shilajit In Its Purest Form.



Three thousand years of history. A sacred and rare medicine, cherished by the Indus Valley civilization for its effects of power, strength and stamina. Now backed by clinical studies. Proven to raise testosterone up to 22 percent after just 90 days. Up-regulate the genes responsible for collagen synthesis and boost mitochondria energy. Anti-aging Shilajit in its purest form.

Power, stamina, athletic performance and detox. Highest quality purified Shilajit mineral pitch contains 85+ minerals in ionic form, vitamins and fulvic acid. ORAC value-2300 moles TE/g.


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